How to downgrade PS3

How to downgrade your PS3 firmware from 3.72 to 3.55 OFW. You will then be able to install
CFW 3.55 and backup your games to either the internal hard disk drive or
even an external usb flash drive.

Many of the advantages to being on CFW using the Ps3 slim apart from
the obvious potential to manage backups of any universal serial bus
hard disk incorporate the
emulators. Presently there are many
operating emulators and of course thousand upon thousands
of ROM images for them. Through the Super nes as well as Megadrive to classic
computer systems Such as the Commodore Amiga as well as
Spectrum. Their all here and
working ‘mostly’ well. The latest inclusion of MAME
for Ps3 slim wraps up what might
end up being a massive old style video game
archive within your own room.

What about Movie films? Well the Ps3 slim cant play all
those 1080p MKV videos you’ve found
as standard, nevertheless thanks to the PS3 home brew scene you now can together with Showtime for Playstation 3.

With much more things being launched
every single day it’s an
exiting time for the Ps3 slim homebrew scene.

Presently there is currently just one risk-free
method to downgrade ps3 on 3.72 OFW.

Basically download the firmware PUP supplied by

Place it on your usb stick and install as usual from the
XMB (There is no need to go into recovery mode to perform the ps3 downgrade)

Once the update is finished you can certainly be in a position to install ANY older firmware.
Some people have been going returning to
OFW 3.15 to restore the OtherOS option that Sony removed from the console a
while back.
Though for anyone who is just planning
to back your games up to a USB drive and launch them
using multiman then you should install the REBUG CFW 3.55 (We obviously
cannot provide links to that for obvious reasons).

Start now and get the ps3 downgrade pup from the
site below.
Bing is your friend for the CFW PUP…

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